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Dripper Pot "Cafeor"


Authentic aroma without paper filters. This pot features a specialized stainless steel mesh filter which allows coffee oils to pass through when brewing. This enables you to enjoy the true aroma unique to coffee.

  • Brews a rich, full bodied beverage every time
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Capacity of 300ml or 2 cups and can be used for coffee or tea
  • Reusable stainless steel mesh filter
  • Designed and made in Japan
Dimensions: W150 × D105 × H171mm  
Weight: 0.28 kg
Color: Clear

HARIO is a company that is dedicated to the design, production, and sales of heatproof glassware and household items since 1921. Derived from the Japanese term for "King of Glass", HARIO continues to deliver the beauty of color and new richness through high quality and heatproof glass.