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Disposable Feeding Bottle, Zipperbags & Nipples Bundle (Grey)


Mother-K Disposable Feeding bottle is a product that applies the principle of breastfeeding. Made of Tritan material, this feeding bottle is BPA Free, making it a safe material with excellent durability. Perfect for travel as it removes the burden of having to prepare several feeding bottles. Washing is not needed as disposable plastic bags can be used, which also allows multiple bottle-feeding. This bundle includes 1 bottle, 1 box of disposable zipperbags and 1 box of two nipples. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Convenient portability at a time of outing: a disposable light feeding bottle. It reduces the weight of a heavy nursing bag.
  • Safe BPA Free material
  • 1 x Disposable Bottle (250ml)
  • 1 x Disposable Feeding Bottle Storage Zipperbags (25pcs)
  • 1 x 2 pcs Silicone Nipples

Nipple Sizes:
  • Stage 1 (S) - 2-5 mos.
  • Stage 2 (M) - 5-8 mos.
  • Stage 3 (Y-cut) - 8 mos. and older

Volume: 250ml
Body: Tritan
Nipple: Silicone
Lid, Screw: Polypropylene (PP)
Colors: Beige / Gray

How to Use Bottle:
  1. Remove the lid at the bottle and insert a liner into the opening of a feeding bottle.
  2. Put the wing of the liner in the opening of a bottle.
  3. Pour breast milk formula and close the screw.
  4. Gently rub the liner from the bottom with your hands to mix the formula well.
  5. Make sure to separate the liner and throw it away after nursing.
TIP: Disposable bottle zipper bag can even contain the breast milk or formula.

Features of Disposable Feeding Bottle Storage Zipperbags
  • BPA Free safe material
  • Functions as storage bags & disposable liners at same time
  • Store breastmilk/milk powder in bag, fit inside bottle, & feed conveniently while on the go/travel! 
  • Thermal indicator for safer feeding
  • Compatible with any feeding bottles