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Creamer Qto Milk Frother 450mL


Hario creamer Qto is the milk frother that allows you to make smooth and silky foamed milk. A decorative container is also provided with a helpful guideline that shows how much milk you need to use, for perfect lattes every time.

HARIO Creamer Qto Milk Frother CQT-45

2 AA batteries are required.
Heatproof pitcher: Microwave and dishwasher safe
White cap: Dishwasher safe

Size: W145 x D105 x H205 mm  
Capacity: For milk 100ml 
Material: Heatproof Glass, Polypropylene, ABS resin, Stainless Steel


*Remove the white cap and frother before heating milk in a microwave.

1.Microwave milk until it is 40 - 60 ℃ using the following guidelines depending on your microwave:

500W approximately 50-60 seconds
600W approximately 40-50 seconds.

2.Tilt frother slightly and press the button to foam the milk for 30-40 seconds.