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Cool Comfort Fan


Monarc's Portable Fan, with compact dimensions that make it easy to fit in small spaces like desks and side tables. A perfect addition to your work-from-home set-up is a personal cooler fan.

9 Inch Air Circulator Fan

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE– with a measurement of only 320 x 240 x 255 MM, you can easily carry this portable fan wherever you go, you can bring it together with you to your next travel destination!
  • SIMPLE & SLEEK - Comes in two colorways black, and white with a defined geometric fan structure that can fit as an added decor to your living space.
  • 180 DEGREE HEAD ANGLE ROTATION– Rotate the fan head to your preferred spot, its head can turn up to 180 degrees vertically.
  • SOFT SILENT WIND– Enjoy the strong wind breeze with a quiet fan motor, a fit for the user’s companion for focused work or for leisure.
  • 3 SPEED ADJUSTMENT KNOB– Equipped with a user-friendly speed adjustment knob, easily change airspeed to Low, Medium, or High Airflow.
  • 3 BLADED COOLING FAN– Blows strong airflow with its 3-speed blades.