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Cool Air 2-in-1 Aesthetic Fan


In need of a fan with height, but also need one that you can place above your desk? Avail one with two functions, the Cool Air is two in one, with an easy installation guide, you can change it from a Desk Fan to a Stand Fan anytime you want.

12 Inch Desk and Stand Fan

  • AIR DELIVERY– Equipped with eight (8) blades than other fans, the Cool air moves more air around your living space.
  • USER-FRIENDLY ADJUSTMENT KNOBS– Operates in three (3) Speed Functions; Low, Medium, and High. You can set the airspeed to your own comfort.
  • AIR SWING/ OSCILLATION – Activate swing from side to side, to draw in natural wind flow to your living space or office.
  • DESIGN AESTHETIC– A pleasing addition to your interior, this fan is structured and designed with a simple but elegant look.
  • SLIM & STABLE– Cool Air 2-in-1 Aesthetic 12 Inch Desk and Stand Fan can perfectly fit even in a limited space, with its slim body structure balanced with its stand.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD HEIGHT DIRECTION– Keep the wind blowing on the right spot, head height direction can easily be adjusted to the angle you prefer.