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CookBook™ Folding Recipe Stand


This unique recipe stand is great for holding your books or electronic tablets or devices, plus it folds exactly like a book making it easy to store when not in use.

Unlike conventional bookstands, CookBook is not bulky or awkward in shape. Its sleek design and folding mechanism means it folds flat to become no thicker than an average-sized book (approx. 20mm) so you can neatly store it on your bookshelf.

When opened, the bookrests, page holders and back stand automatically fold out, providing solid, angled support for most sizes of book or even an electronic tablet or device.

CookBook also comes with a non-slip foot to ensure it stays in place on your work surface as you read your recipes.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, CookBook is also tough, stylish and easy to clean.


  • Open: 38 × 21 × 21cm
  • Closed: 26 × 20 × 2cm
Color: Green
Product Code: 40052

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