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Compressor Gelato and Ice Cream Maker


This fully automatic ice cream maker is designed to make "artigianale" gelato. Features two separate blades for churning ice cream or gelato. Craving mangoes or pistachios with it? Add endless toppings to your gelato via the view-through lid.

Functions & Features:
  • commercial-style compressor ice cream maker makes batch after batch
  • no pre-chilling or freezing bowls required
  • 2 specialized mixing paddles - an ice cream paddle for creamy ice cream and a gelato paddle for authentic italian-style gelato
  • fully automatic touchpad controls and blue LCD countdown 60-minute timer
  • keep cool feature with a 10 minute cycle maintains perfect consistency even after churning is complete
Material: Brushed stainless steel housing and streamlined styling; Transparent lid with mix-in opening
Watts: 150 watts
Capacity: 1.5 liters
Warranty: 1 year