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Cobbler Shaker Bundle


Serve homemade concoctions with flair using this heavyweight cobbler shaker. A great gifting idea for the newlywed drinks enthusiast. This set includes an all-in-one shaker and a belle jigger with banded measurements. Available in Gold and Copper sets; price starts at P4,498.

Set includes a heavyweight cobbler shaker and banded belle 1oz-2oz jigger.
Colors Available: Gold / Copper
  • Heavyweight Cobbler Shaker features a two-piece sleek design that creates a vacuum faster than shaker tins and chills your drink quicker. Capacity: 500 ml. Made of copper / gold plated stainless steel.
  • Belle jigger is plated inside and out.
Product Codes:
  • Copper: TLSBNDLE5-CPR