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Clipso Minut Perfect 7.5L Pressure Cooker


Simmers, bakes, boils and more; includes steaming basket to lock in flavour and preserve nutrients Cooks up to 2x faster versus cooking with Tefal stew pot using high pressure, saving you time and cutting energy use 30% lighter design* with one handed opening plus five security system for easy and safe use Generous 7.5L pot can feed the whole family and it’s built to last in durable stainless steel

The ClipsoMinut'® Perfect pressure cooker is the quick, easy answer to perfect results.

  • From meat and fish to vegetables and even desserts, the ClipsoMinut'® Perfect does it all, up to two times faster*.
  • Built to last in durable stainless steel and featuring a ten-year warranty on the pot, it is 30% lighter than a conventional pressure cooker.
  • It is perfect for the entire family.
  • Easily opened and closed with a single hand, it is equipped with a cook-control system with self-activating countdown that begins automatically upon reaching the correct temperature and alerts you when finished, taking the guess work out of cooking.