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CleanAir Air Purifier


Monarc CleanAir air purifier combines minimalistic design with Smart technology to maximize clean air by removing airborne pollutants. With the SmartSensor, CleanAir will respond to the level of pollutants in your room by automatically adjusting the setting while maintaining a peaceful quiet environment.

CleanAir uses a 3 step air filtration system providing you with peace of mind that your family is breathing safe and clean air.

  1. Polluted air first passes through a washable Pre-Filter, capturing large particles.
  2. Then passes through a HEPA filter where 99 % of airborne pollutants are captured.
  3. And lastly passes through the Activated Carbon filter where odor is captured.

For best results, CleanAir can be used in a 30 square meter room or smaller.

Warranty: 1 year