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Charlie Cordless Vacuum


Meet Charlie, our newest addition to the Monarc technology family! It was designed with the intention to improve the maintenance of your family living spaces.

With Charlie, our latest 2021 model of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, we have improved the following:

  • STRONG SUCTION POWER 25,000pA. Charlie is designed with 25,000pA suction power able to rid your living spaces of unwanted particles at a faster speed.
  • 5 DIFFERENT CLEANING NOZZLE ATTACHMENTS. Along with Charlie's Large Brush Roller, it is also equipped with 4 more nozzle attachments as Mop Attachment (perfect for removing stains and maintaining floors), 3 small Nozzle attachment (perfect for furniture, bedding, and etc)
  • HEPA FILTER INCORPORATION. Experience the most effective way to trap 99.9% of micron size airborne particles (ex: bacteria and viruses) with Charlie's HEPA Filtration System. 
  • REMOVABLE, RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. Charlie's slim and lightweight design can be owed to its rechargeable battery that enables one to clean at a maximum of 45 minutes. 
  • EASY STORAGE. Along with Charlie, is a wall mount designed to keep Charlie safely stored.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY. All our customers enjoy 1-year warranty for all our products.