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Candle Bottle Light


A candle that never blows out Create a perfect candle-lit atmosphere, anywhere. Rechargeable via built-in USB, the cork base fits into empty bottles or candle holders. Twist the top to choose between a subtle flickering candle effect or a simple steady orange glow. Can be used outdoors - where the wind would blow out a candle, or simply to add ambiance to any evening at the flick of a switch. Made by by SuckUK.

  • Measures 2.3cm (W) x 6.6cm (H) x 2.3cm (D) 
  • Imported from UK

Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.3cm (W) x 6.6cm (H) x 2.3cm (D)
Color: Multi-color
Weight: 0.019 Kg
Material: Plastic (ABS), Electrical and electronic components, Wood (Cork)

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