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Bamboo Muslin Throw Blanket


Linen & Homes throw blanket is made of 100% bamboo muslin. The combination of muslin, one of the gentlest and purest fabrics available and bamboo makes our throw blanket extra breathable and naturally temperature reugulating. This means our throws are perfect for snuggling and gentle enough for babies. It keeps you warm in the cooler months and cool when you start to warm up! Choose from three designs.

Their bamboo muslin fabric has natural antibacterial properties, it is resistant to odors and germs. Its’ soft and breathable fabric is perfect if you have sensitive skin and/or skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema.

The dimensions of the Bamboo Throw measures 56in x 66in (142cm x 167cm). 

Designs: Blue Flower, Red Flower, Ocean

At Linen & Homes, our mission is to make it easy to buy luxuriously comfortable bedding at a fair price. This means we have an innovative supply chain which allows us to bypass costs and pass on the savings.