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Bamboo Luxury Pillowcases (Gray)


Are you especially particular about pillowcases? Have you been reading about how different cotton fabrics on pillowcases affects your skin and hair and probably causes allergies? Choosing the right pillowcase is no easy feat. But don't fret, Linen and Homes' Premium Bamboo Pillowcases can melt all your worries away. Made from 100% bamboo fibers and woven from cooling bamboo viscose, these covers are guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Sleep soundly knowing your skin and hair are in perfect care and that your soft sheets are clean.

Set of 2 pillow cases in the same color
Material: Bamboo

Available in 2 sizes:
Standard 20 x 30"
King 20 x 40"

Compatible with our Serenity Bamboo Pillows