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Baby Food Storage Container (Square Set)


The Mother-K Food Container Set is BPA-free and best travel and outdoor activities as each container is made from the clear, light and durable Tritan material. Keep your baby’s food fresh and warm pack longer with its special insulation pack.

  • Made of BPA Free Tritan that has glass like transparency and plastic light weight.
  • Excellent Sealing Ability
  • Clear and distinct color scale
  • It becomes an ice pack if it is frozen. The chilling effect continues on about 5 hours. It helps keep fresh fruits and veggies safe during the summer when food spoils easily.
  • It becomes a heating pack if it is microwaved. Warmth can be maintained for about 2 hours. If it is microwaved for 15-20 seconds, it helps keep the baby food warm when it can go cold too fast or when it is difficult to find a place to warm-up the food. DO NOT HEAT FOR 20 SECONDS OR LONGER.
  • Make sure to install a square refrigerating pack. If the heated and refrigerating pack is not properly installed, it might be loosened and the refrigerating pack might be removed.

Volume & Inclusions:
  • 1 x 210ml container
  • 1 x 280ml container
  • 1 x rectangular warm & cold reserving pack
Color: Sand Gray / Carrot Orange
  • Lid: Polypropylene
  • Rubber Ring: Silicone
Container Body: BPA Free Tritan