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Amazonas 24-Piece Flatware Set


Stainless steel pieces, highly durable, maintains original features preserving the material's appearance, hygiene and durability.

  • Spoons with symmetrical bowl and carefully rounded edges.
  • Forks with internally polished tines, perfectly shaped for the mouth, and with round edges for more comfortable use.
  • Knifes with fully tempered blades guarantees a more durable cutting edge, greater resistance to corrosion and will not scratch porcelain.
  • High gloss finish with detail work on handle.
  • Suitable for daily use in any environment.
  • Safe for daily use in the dishwasher.

  • 4 x Table Spoon (L:19.5cm W:4.4cm H:2.4cm)
  • 4 x Table Fork (L:19.8cm W:2.8cm H:1.8cm
  • 4 x Tea Spoons (L:13.1cm W:3cm H:1.8cm)
  • 4 x Table Knife (L:23cm W:2cm H0.4cm)
  • 4 x Coffee Spoon (L:10.1cm W:2.2cm H:1.2cm)
  • 4 x Cake Fork (L14.6cm W:2.2cm H:1.3cm)

Main Functions and Benefits
  • Material: stainless steel.

Recommendations for Use
  • Use only soap or detergent and a soft sponge to wash. Other products such as steel wool can scratch or damage the cutlery shine.
  • Rinse each piece well in order to completely remove the residue of the cleaning products that are abrasive and can damage stainless steel.
  • Use warm water whenever possible as it renews the cutlery shine.
  • After washing, dry the tableware immediately otherwise the chemical substances in water (chlorine) can stain the tableware.
  • Do not allow the tableware to rub against each other during washing and storage in order to prevent scratches
  • Avoid contact with hot surfaces. They can cause the colors to fade.
  • Do not store items in a humid place as it can cause stains.
  • When using a dishwasher, we recommend removing the cutlery as soon as the rinse cycle is finished and dry them by hand.

Weight 0,70 kg