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Air Revitalisor Concentrate Solution


These pure botanical concentrates provide natural fragrance and a host of other benefits such as ease of breathing, relaxation, and calm sleep. Each bottle contains 250 ml. Choose from 7 different scents that yield to varying benefits.

  • Eucalyptus - Soothes cold and improves concentration 
  • Lemon - Increases mental clarity and enchances vitality 
  • Citronella - Induces relaxation and repels insects 
  • Orange Peel - Refreshes the mind and balances the emotion 
  • Sakura - Freshness of Spring
  • Lotus - Promotes healing and aids meditation 
  • Lavender - Relaxes, counters stress and uplifts the spirits
Capacity: 250ml
Main Active Ingredients: Essential oils & fragrance compounds, Natural pine & citrus peel extracts.