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4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker


This waffle maker makes 1"-thick Belgian waffles. Versatile for the classics (like chicken and waffles) and other savory snacks, even giant choco cookies and quesadillas. Comes with an audible alert to let you know when it is done cooking.

Functions & Features:
  • Non-stick coated plates and stainless steel top cover for easy clean-up
  • 4-Slice Round Belgian Waffle Maker
  • bakes one round Belgian waffle 1"-thick
  • Six-setting browning control
  • Ready to Bake/Ready to Eat indicator lights unit stands upright for compact storage
  • Audible alert
Material: Brushed stainless steel top cover
Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.6 x 11.5 inches
Warranty: 1 year