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23106 Kronos Double Wall Coffee Cups (Set of 2)


Kinto created a line for double wall glasses for beverages. KRONOS features glasswares that make drinks appear like they are floating in the air. Temperatures are maintained without condensation due to insulating properties of the double layered heat-resistant glass, so you get to enjoy your hot and cold beverages at its best. A ring around the center is incorporated to the design to make it easier for gripping. Set includes 2 cups.

Note: Sold individually previously. Starting March 2020, these cups are sold in sets of 2.
Dimensions: φ3 in x H4.8 in x W3.6 in / φ75 x H120 x W90 mm
Capacity: 12oz / 350ml
Material: Heat-resistant Glass
User Recommendations: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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