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21681 Carat 850mL Teapot


Kinto's Carat line offers a distinctive design accomplished by the combination of durable and beautiful materials; stainless steel and heat-resistant glass. The high quality stainless steel gives the design a sharp impression and high durability for life-long use.

  • Lid: By using stainless steel and nylon and making space in between them, the heat conduction from hot water is relieved. 
  • Strainer: As a “strainer to show”, the simple conical shape was the key factor in maintaining balance with the transparent glass jug. 
  • Pot: The angles of the body and handle were carefully studied to give it a sharp impression and good usability.
KINTO products are based on Japanese sensible and conscientious ideas to make our lives comfortable. From tabletop to interior accessories, the company strives to create products with clean design driven by smart and functional ideas.